Our Leadership Team

Dr. Ty Richardson

Dr. Ty Richardson, a Trinidadian-American, left a corporate career with a Fortune 100 Multinational Corporation after 14+ years to launch a start-up in Silicon Valley. During that time, he discovered his passion for the advancement of youth and young professionals in the workplace. During his tenure with American, Dr. Ty launched American Airlines first Employee Resource Group dedicated to Young Professionals, which today contributes to the development of products and services, as well as HR policies for the company. In Ireland, Dr. Ty lead the launch of European Young Professionals Dublin, and later, incorporated Dublin, London and Barcelona to form, EYP Global. 

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Though The YoPro Global Foundation was officially established in 2019, the organization has been around since 2006 in various iterations around the world. As European Young Professionals, the organization thrived in London under James Swanston, Katrina Swanston, Nick Jonsson, Ronny Ellefsen and many more. In Dublin, it was founded and headed by Ty Richardson, with team members such as Daniela Sabatini, Miriam Abel and later, Kevin O'Sullivan. Damiano launched Barcelona and there was even an EYP in Bangkok.

As the organization moved to San Francisco, Ty, Ronny and Drew Morrison took over the leadership and stewarded a social network that later pivoted into an experiential event organization, similar to the origins of EYP. By the time the organization landed in Trinidad and Tobago, more and more young professionals were getting involved, including Elicia Mayhew, Adheena Maharaj and the late Keon Birch to name a few.

In the past 12 years, YoPro Global has employed over 15 members of staff, engaged over 85 volunteers and committee members worldwide, hosted over 100 events in over 8 cities, touching the lives of over 5,000 youth and young professionals. As we look towards the future, we intend to triple these numbers by 2021. The leadership team tasked with this include a global and experienced board of directors, and Dr. Ty Richardson, who remains the Chairman and CEO of the organization to-date.

Dr. Ty then headed to San Francisco, and after an unsuccessful attempt at turning YoPro into a social network, Dr. Ty pivoted the organization to a social enterprise which later gained a global appeal and supports the advancement of youth and young professionals, as they prepare for, and enter the workforce.  Dr. Ty also heads an international financial consultancy, One Global Index Consulting Inc., providing finance opportunities for organizations worldwide. Dr. Ty is the CEO of One Global Business Financing, organization that brokers commercial capital for companies and projects in the United States. Finally, Dr. Ty is a celebrated Strengths-Based Performance Coach and has a joint venture with Angie Coleman under the brand Clarity Coaching & Consulting.

Dr. Ty currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is an avid networker, adventurer, and home cook. He is on the Board of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and Chairs the Rising Leaders' Council, and Vice-Chairs the Membership Council; as well as sits on the Board of Governors the Tower Club Fort Lauderdale, while overseeing the Professional Programs Committee, and the Board of Animae Caribe Festival.

More information about Dr. Ty can be found at www.drtyrichardson.com.